List Of Best Action Movies of 2017

Action movies are most popular genres and sometimes the movie will be done with expensive. If they come out well, they guarantee for big numbers in the box office. The best action films are said to be like, it need to make the viewers to come at the edge of seat for the entire film and have to give great feel like to catch the breaths prior they are swept along the other glorious action part. People can watch the best movies in Movie Box app, it contains latest TV shows and latest movies are updated frequently in order to reach everyone without any cost.

Some of the best action films of 2017

Batman Vs Superman: This film is the American Superhero film released in 2016 and it featuring the Comic characters Superman and Batman. It can be directed by the Zack Synder and this film was announced in the year 201 after the movie Man of steel. Batman Vs Superman released in premium large formats, 4DX, 3D and 2D and people can watch this every movie in apps like Movie Box. It’s now available across all iOS devices and the following the strong debut this movie set record of new box office.

 Independence Day- Resurgence: This movie was the American science fiction and action disaster movie and it has been released in 2016. The movie is set 20 years behind the events of the first film. Then the UN has collaborated on ESD (Earth Space Defense), research organization and the international military defense. Unexpectedly, the aliens attack the earth with the unprecedented and advanced force during the 20th anniversary of human victory against on July 4.

Suicide Squad: Suicide Squad is the American superhero film depends on the DC comic antihero of the identical name and it was released in the US in August, 2016 in IMAX, 3D and 2D. The theme of this story is, a secret government institution recruits imprisoned super villains in order to execute the dangerous black ops things and to save the world against powerful threat.

Captain America- Civil War: This film was release on 2016 and with several people fearing the super hero’s action, the government decided to push the hero’s registration act, then the law limits the hero actions. In this movie, Iron Man stands in act claiming their actions should be kept in search otherwise cities can be continued to destroy. But Captain America thinks that saving world is dare enough and they cannot depend on the government in order to prevent the world. This brings war between the Iron Man team such as Black Panther, iron man and Spiderman with captain America team such as Hawkeye, Captain American and more.

X-Men – Apocalypse: This movie is the American Superhero film released in 2016 and it depends on fictional X-Men characters which appear in the Marvel Comics. The base of the story is that ancient mutant awakens and planning to wipe out the modern civilization and also take over a world, then X-Men tries to stop them and defeat the renegade mutants team.

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