How does the sorting hat sort?

What is the Sorting Hat?

It is the most famous magical entity in the Harry Potter series. The hat created by the founders of Hogwarts performs its noble duty of selecting the witches and wizards for the four houses of Hogwarts, namely Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin.

Significance of the Magical Hat

The hat is an old and wise administrator that decides the fate of this school for centuries. The appearance might be ragged, but it has a surprisingly rich history wrapped of surprises. It has an innate capacity to summon the Sword of Gryffindor, which a fact known to non-Harry Potter fans.

There are some mysteries regarding its origins and abilities that even the Pottermore fans are unaware of, and one among them is on what basis the sorting hat selects students for Hogwarts.

The following quizz boom article curates some information needed for the sorting hat quiz. Read on to know more.

Theories behind the Selection Process

When the hat placed on the head of a student, it does the following,

  • It scans the talents and traits of the wearer.
  • It observes the thought patterns of the children.
  • The hat decodes the students’ desires and then takes their choices into account.

It is a firm belief that brave ones get sorted to Gryffindor’s, the smart enter into Ravenclaw, and those with kind-heart go to Hufflepuff, the cunning and ambitious land in Slytherin. Are you excited to know these facts which help you in the sorting hat quiz?

Accuracy of the Hatstall

The Hatstall is a state where the Sorting Hat deploys more than five minutes to sort the Hogwarts

Can you imagine Draco Malfoy, who is annoying, arrogant, and a bully wandering in the Hufflepuff house? That could mean chaos everywhere. 

Neville, a member of the Gryffindor community, showed the characteristics of a Hufflepuff with his generosity. He appealed for an entry into the same that resulted in a Hatstall instance. The character was humble and kind during his Hogwarts time that proved the perfection of the Sorting Hat, placing him in the Gryffindor.

Slips of the Historical Hat

There is no denying the fact that this magical and historical element possessed an immense amount of gen, and it does not mean that it can deliver results in a spur-of-the-moment to reveal the house. The Hatstall of five and a half minutes of McGonagall is a testimony that even an immaculate hat can slip.

Same Family Same House (not always)

The Weasley family of Gryffindor displayed the characteristics of courage. It took some time for Percy Weasley to show his true colors to obtain the golden badge. The quest for knowledge revealed the qualities of Ravenclaw, and the ambitious nature was a typical Slytherin trait where some of the few things that made his journey to Gryffindor a little rugged and challenging. 

At the Battle of Hogwarts, he bewitched the Pius Thicknesse, a Gryffindor trait indeed. Do you have the Gryffindor quality to win in the sorting hat quiz?

Students choices Matter

Harry desperately requested the hat to sort him to Gryffindor because he had once heard the horror stories of Slytherin before reaching the Hogwarts gateways. It considered his petition and placed him into the honorable division of Hogwarts.


The above-profiled quizz boom article makes you ready for the sorting hat quiz. Which aspect of sorting hat fascinated you the most? Which is your choice of Hogwarts School? Do you think the sorting hat method is the right way to sort the students?