The process of wood sanding is an exhausting and time-consuming job for at-home DIY persons and experts. Therefore, choosing the right sander is essential for excellent woodwork results. Many tools are available in the market today that help you choose the right orbital sander for your wood needs.

The following article provides some information on the best sanders for wood and when to use them for better results. Read on to know more.

When is the right time to use an orbital sander machine?

The wood artisans deploy hand sanding for small and intricate jobs because wood sanders dampen the edges and minute details. Besides, for large land sanding projects, there are no replacements for electric sanders. They are a powerful tool of efficacy.

Applications of Orbital Sander

  • Cabinet making refines many interlocking components that are entirely different from furniture making. A combination of sheet finishing sanders and belt sanders in cabinet builds.
  • The sander meets the Furniture Making essentials of both amateur and professionals. It is impossible to point out a specific one as it varies according to the applications. In short, all-electric sanders will benefit your woodworks.
  • Are you craftsmen of children’s toys? Then a combination of disc sander and palm sander along with orbital sander should work wonders.

Rules for Sanding Wood

  • The goal of sanding wood is to remove marks, flaws, or dents caused by woodwork machines. You can deploy 150, 180, or 220 grit sizes to obtain quicker results. It is a universal sandpaper grit usage rule.
  • There are no hard-core rules to use the grits as the method of handling the sanding process varies from person to person at any given time and place.

Famous Sanding methods

  • You can place your hands at the back of the sandpaper to take out softwood grains from tops and drawer exteriors.
  • Block sanding suits critical flat and hardwood surfaces, and the cork glue attached to the bottom improves the sandpaper performance.
  • Random Orbit Sanders are efficient, user-friendly, and leaves only minimal scratches than the conventional sanders. These are distant relatives of orbital finishing sanders.

Features of Orbital Sanders

  • The square shape of the sander helps to better results around all the edges.
  • They leave fewer cross-grain marks and preserve your woodwork.
  • It best suits light sanding requirements.
  • They refine wood floor finishing in the corners.
  • It helps remove paint stains.


The above-profiled article throws some insights into the properties and benefits of the orbital sander machine. Are you interested to know more about these electric sanders? Then please do visit the Bob Smiths website for more information.